Are Exit Interviews needed?

This one goes without saying...everyone agrees Exit Interviews are important. They provide a deeper look at the organization's culture, underlying issues that otherwise wouldn't come up are many a times discovered only during Exit Interviews. This gives the management an invaluable insight in to the company's working culture. Is there an issue in any particular department, a specific supervisor or is more of an organization wide issue that needs to be corrected before it spreads.

When done in a consistent and systematic way, these interviews can help re-build trust. Exiting employees have made up their mind about moving on, but they appreciate if they voice is genuinely heard and acted upon. Many a times, this interaction can build the foundation for the ex-employee to re-join the organisation.

So, then...who should conduct the Exit Interviews?

This is where most votes would go for the HR department and they should...or should they? Now, this one is tricky and it all depends on how employees see the HR department. Are they seen as independent, problem-solving representatives or are they more "pro-management" and therefore what could be a potentially culture changing activity is perceived more of a "Tick-mark" activity, with no consequence expected.

This is where the role of a neutral external facilitator can make a big difference. An experienced interviewer can go beyond what's visible (" I am leaving for better prospects") to what is simmering under the surface, the real unstated reasons.

Unfortunately, most organisations delegate this important interview way down the levels and it is done by a junior inexperienced staffer, who looks at it more like the "Tick-mark" activity that the employees have always thought it to be!

EKA Consultants India offers ongoing "Exit Interview" Services, where we have our highly experienced interviewers, who are trained in Behavior Event Interviews, to reach out to the concerned ex-employee, within 7 days of their exit and do the interview by way of a phone call/Skype call or an in-person meeting.

Conducting the exit interview within 7 days is critical as the ex-employee still maintains a level of connect with the organisation and memories are fresh. Any interview done down the line, will diminish in value in terms of identifying the real issues.

What should be the periodicity of conducting these interviews

This is the other aspect that needs attention...some organisations have this down to a clock-work act...most do it on the last day of the employee leaving, which is a great practice and that is how it should be. We won't dwell on what the rest do, if at all they do it in the first place.

What is of more importance is whether the feedback received from the interview(s) is collated, analysed and presented to the management on a regular basis. 

How can EKA Consultants help?

​This is where third party interviewers make a difference. By uncovering the real story behind the exit and then joining the dots to see the bigger picture.

To consider how EKA Consultants can make a difference to your "Exit Interview" program, click on the link below to schedule a no-obligation call. We promise it will be worthwhile conversation.  

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