Necessity is the mother of invention. The challenging times that we live in today, have necessitated the need to think out of the box and come up with solutions to ensure our lives and our livelihood is not impacted. EKA Consultants India has taken up this mantle and is advising our clients on breakthrough innovations that help them perform with the safety of their human resources and assets in mind.  


AI-Powered Interviewing



AI-powered video interview and online assessment tool. InstaHiring and InstaCampus give you the edge for safe hiring and safe assessments, from anywhere.

AI-Powered Safe Distancing & Tracing

Safe Distancing, Contact Tracing and Tracability. An AI- powered solution for your COVID 19 era challenges. 

Man Working

Real Time Views

Next generation omni channel operations management platform, providing real-time view of your operations.


Work-at-Home Solutions

AI technology securely monitors remote workers while providing clear transparency, accountability, work-at-home policy compliance and risk management for outsourcing initiatives.