Covid 19 has disrupted lives across the world, leaving many businesses struggling and tens of thousands jobless.

EKA Consultants India was not spared either, whatever affects our clients, affects us.

We have adapted to the changing business environment and continue advising our clients to do so too. We are here to help you transition through these difficult times.

Employers are finding it increasingly difficult to continue carrying on their employee strength as earlier when the business has come to a standstill. When an unprecedented crisis like this occurs, companies are unsure of what to plan for next, with no cash flowing in, companies are forced to conserve cash and take a wait and watch approach. One of the first casualties is the trimming of the workforce and that is the most difficult and traumatic part in such scenarios.


Looking at the toll it can take on the employees and the potential to permanently dent a company's hard-earned reputation, it is prudent that employers soften this blow by doing everything they can possibly do under the circumstances.

EKA has started supporting such organizations with our 'Outsourcing' engagement. 



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